100 Day Project 2018

These are the first fifty of my 100 Day Project Drawings! I’ll be uploading the next fifty as time allows me to edit them all.

I started the project because I was inspired by Lucy Bellwood’s fantastic book “100 Demon Dialogues”, a collection of her 100 Day Project from 2017. It’s so good and funny, and raw and real. It’s a work that made me feel seen, if that makes sense.

I set out to do my own 100 Day Project with the theme of talking to myself through drawings. If I was having a rough day, I’d draw myself giving words of encouragement to me, the viewer. If I was having a great day, I’d draw something celebrating what made it great, even something as simple as a lovely walk in the rain. At some point however, it started to feel a bit disingenuous – like I was trying to sugarcoat things. I discovered that on some days, I had no words of encouragement. And so I just drew instead. Over the course of the 100 days, the project became an illustrated journal instead of what I had originally intended, and I loved it. The experience was almost like art therapy for me.

This project meant so much to me! I really feel like I grew as an artist, both in ability and confidence. To learn more about the 100 Day Project, click here!