State of the Art: November 2019

I almost can’t believe November is over. This month has felt like a year with all the things that have been packed into it. I had my top wisdom teeth out, I’m working on a secret project, I got to speak about my book and vulnerability on the internet at the Durham “What’s Your Story” event, I had family issues out the wazoo, I met the director of The Amirah Project to discuss my work with mental health (and possibly human trafficking education) in comics and illustration, Aiden and I threw our second annual Wolfenoot party, I made a Gumroad account and put up my first zines, I opened commissions for the first time, and I worked on revamping my social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and now Tumblr as well!

Next month seems like it’s going to be a similar amount of crazy. But hey, I’m going to be getting my very first tattoo for my birthday! I’m very excited. It’s very me.

Overall though, I feel like this has been a very creatively-satisfying month! I got a lot done, and I’m happy about that. I’ve also been more consistent with my Patreon updates, which I intend on getting increasingly better at as time goes on. I have to remember it’s a growing process and that I’m not going to be a master of social media and freelancing overnight. It takes hard work, and I intend to work hard! 

Author: Katie McMahon

Katie is a comic artist and illustrator living in rural New Hampshire in a town mostly populated with elderly folks and roving gangs of sassy turkeys. She enjoys reading comics, playing board games and RPGs, drinking fair trade tea and coffee, discussing feminism and social justice, and cracking the best groan-worthy jokes the internet has to offer.

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